Two States That Might Produce The Presidential Candidate Of APC And PDP In 2023


It is known to be that as we love closer to the 2023 General Elections, there are said to be various political permutation that are actually being deployed by prominent politicians, pressure groups and political parties, all having the aim of ensuring that their political party succeeds in the forthcoming General Elections.

However, interestingly as some group of individuals really call for the zoning of the next presidential slots of the major political parties in Nigeria to the South, and their counterparts in the North are actually showing interest fir the same position. And in this article, we will certainly looks at about two states where the next Presidential candidate of the two major political parties might emerge from.


Lagos State: as it is noted it is actually one of the most populated states in the country today, and it might also produce the next Presidential candidate of the ruling party, which is the All Progressive Congress (APC).


Well, while considering the fact that the former giver or of Lagos State and National leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), who happens to be Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is being rumored to the successor of the incumbent President of Nigeria today, known to be Muhammadu Buhari. And in 2023, it is said to be that Lagos State is actually at a higher chances of producing The next Presidential candidate of the ruling Party, APC.


Sokoto State: However, it is known that with the looks of things that are going on and the recent political events that have actually taken place in the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sokoto State could actually be considered as another state that may really produce the 2023 presidential candidate for the opposition party.


According to research, we can tell that the rumoured interest of the incumbent Governor of Sokoto State, who happens to be Aminu Wasiri Tambuwal, to pick the Presidential ticket of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), might actually place Sokoto State at a better position in the lost of States that is likely to produce the 2023 presidential candidate of PDP.


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