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UAE Reveals The Names Of Nigerian Boko Haram Sponsors

Boko Haram sponsors list revealed

Speaking about Nigeria, Boko Haram militias are one of the terrorists disrupting the peace of the nation. These terrorists are found of killing and kidnapping people for ransom, there are a number of people involved in this terrorism but am so happy to announce that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities have announced the names of people who are supporting and financing the terrorists in Nigeria.

The UAE authorities announced their names alongside many other people who also involves in rendering support for terrorists from another country. But basically, am going to be speaking about the name of the Nigerian terrorist supporters.


UAE court

It was made known that the UAE Cabinet approved the names of six Nigerian terrorist supporters on Monday, the names include Surajo Abubakar Muhammad, Muhammed Ibrahim, Abdurrahman Ado Musa, Salihu Yusuf Adamu, Ibrahim Ali Alhassan, and Bashir Ali Yusuf, names of other people from UAE, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and many other foreign countries were also approved on the list.


Terrorist organization

However the six terrorist supporters were arrested in 2019, UAE authorities charged them to court with evidence of how they transferred money to the Boko Haram sect, they are found guilty of the offense and they were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, followed by deportation.



According to the report, it was stated the UAE authorities are on plan to create a cell meant for Boko Haram-related members. It was asserted that the UAE authorities are fully ready to help Nigeria to fight terrorism. Nigerian authorities shouldn’t leave the fight all alone for the foreign countries, our leader also knows those behind terrorism in Nigeria but they failed to do something about it.

UAE revelation was coming some weeks after the United States (US) announced that they are ready to reveal the sponsor of terrorists in Nigeria.




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