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UNBELIEVABLE! ! ! Buhari’s Government Threatens To Declare State Of Emergency In A Southeastern State; SEE WHAT STATE IT IS


The Federal Government of Nigeria has recently threatened to declare a ‘ state- of- emergency’ in a south Eastern state, Anambra State over the lingering insecurity situation in the state.

The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami made this known after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday in Abuja.


The Attorney General of the Federation disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria is very determined to ensure a hitch- free election in Anambra State.

” When our national security is attacked, and the sanctity of our constitutionally guaranteed democracy is threatened, no possibility is ruled out.


” As a responsible government that we are, we have a responsibility to upjold the sustenance of our democratic order. As a responsible government, we have a responsibility to provide the people of Nigeria security to life and properties.

” So, in essence, what I’ m trying to say is that no possibility is out ruled by a responsible government in terms of upholding the sanctity of our democratic order, in terms of making sure that our elections hold in Anambra State.


” And as it is right now, you can’ t rule out the possibility of declaration of state of emergency where it is established, in essence, that there is a failure on the part of the state government to ensure the sanctity of security of lives, properties and democratic order. ”

If a state of emergency is declared in Anambra State, it could mean that a state of emergency will be declared in some other states of the south east, as the indigenous People of Biafra have sworn that no election will be allowed to hold on what they referred to ‘ Biafra Land’ .


It should also be recalled that the northern part of the country is facing terrorism challenges. Do you think a state of emergency should be declared in the northern states facing terrorism challenges as the terrorism could also stir up something during elections?


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