Unbelievable! ! ! Check Out The Success Stories Of Popular Mobility Company Uber


The popular mobility company Uber is an America mobility company which don’ t own any car but transporting people for years, the success story of this company is a motivating one for every tech start- up out there.

Uber a mobility service doesn’ t own a single car but get their income from 25% commission of every trip made through the platform, how does this works? A user orders a driver through the uber application of which they will transport the user and get paid during or before the journey.


Uber is not a new company as it seems to be like, this company was founded 12 years ago, precisely on March 2009 by Canadian businessman, Garrett Camp and American businessman, Travis Kalanick, of which they have experienced so many challenges and ups and downs before they gained their stand in recent years, Uber actually went public on May 9, 2019 that’ s 10 after founded.


Uber self- driving vehicle in March 2018 had once struck down a person during the company’ s self- driving vehicle testing, the testing lead to the death of Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, this however ended to a settlement from Uber to the victim’ s family.


This idea of this company came into existence after the founder, Travis Kalanick was in a situation where he couldn’ t get a cab in Paris, France to get him to a conference.

The company success just came recently as many investors contributed to this idea and thereby making it a huge hit, currently Uber is valued at $85. 314 billion, and this gives the company the title of world’ s most valuable privately held tech company.


All these success wasn’ t made once as it took almost a decade for Uber to be heard and taken seriously by investors, this should be a lesson to upcominh start- ups worldwide.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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