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UNBELIEVABLE! ! ! Igbos Finally Swallow Their Pride, Beg President Buhari For Help [DETAILS]


The Igbo Conscience (TIC), an Igbo organization has pleaded to the federal government to rescue the people of the Southeast from the attacks of unknown gunmen suspected to the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The Igbo group condemned the killing of Dr. Chike Akunyili, stressing that many innocent Igbos have lost their lives while uncountable businesses have been destroyed.


Therefore, the Igbo Conscience called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider declaring a state of emergency in the southeast or some parts of the region.

According to the statement released by the group, a state of emergency is a way to arrest the dangerous state of anarchy in the Southeast.


The statement read, ” Today, the South East is under a murderous and detractive siege launched by its people in the name of actualising Biafra.

Added that ” There seems to be no remedy in sight as the people have surrendered to the beastialiity of murderous gunmen that have taken over Igboland today, killing as they desire and unleashing mayhem, fear, and destruction all over Igboland.


” Given these concerns, therefore, we demand the following; That the Federal Government consider the option of declaring a state of emergency in the South East or at least some states of the South East to arrest this dangerous state of anarchy. ”

Also, Igbo Conscience, TIC, urged the federal government to draft more security forces and their agencies to the South East to save people from the unending crisis in the region. They further added that the government should identify and arrest anybody or group supporting the state of anarchy which has led to the loss of lives and property.


” That the Federal Government draft more security forces and agencies to the South East to save the people from themselves.

” That the Federal Government identify, arrest, prosecute any person, group, interest and organization found to actively procure, support and facilitate the state of anarchy presently riddling the South East. “


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