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UNBELIEVABLE! Indian At It Again As Man Use Snake To Kill His Wife, SEE The Punishment He Got


The majority of murders I’ ve witnessed involve the use of a gun, a machete, drowning, or fire. I’ d never seen someone use a snake before, but this Indian man took my breath away with the manner he killed his wife with a snake.

On Wednesday, he was sentenced to an unprecedented double life term by an Indian court. He was accused of murdering his wife, 25, by inflicting a cobra bite on her while she slept in her bed, according to police.

Sooraj Kumar, 28 years old, was detained at his house in the southern Kerala state in 2020 after his wife died as a result of a snakebite, according to local media.


Kumar was found guilty of murder by a court in the Kollam district.

He was found guilty of poisoning his wife and making a previous attempt to kill her with a Russell’ s viper, which resulted in his conviction.

Judge M Manoj sentenced the accused to two consecutive life terms, although he did not uphold the prosecution’ s demand for the death penalty, citing the accused’ s age and potential for rehabilitation as justification.


She died in May 2020 after being bitten by a snake just weeks before. Her family became suspicious of the man after learning of her death while she was undergoing treatment for a snake bite just weeks earlier.

Her relatives claimed that her husband was pestering them in order to obtain a dowry for her.

Investigations revealed that Kumar was behind both efforts, and he devised a plan that included renting snakes from a handler and conducting internet research on the bites of different types of snakes.

After denying bail to a woman and her partner accused of use a cobra to kill her mother- in- law in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan in 2019, the Supreme Court of India issued a warning about the growing trend of snake- bite murders in the country.


The most difficult challenge in the Kerala case was demonstrating that the snakebite was intentional.

According to the prosecutor, the court was shown a test that demonstrated the difference between natural bite marks and bite marks that were created.


According to the Hindu daily, two convicts have been freed by courts in similar cases in recent years after prosecutors failed to prove that venomous snakes were used as a ” murder weapon, ” according to the publication.

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