Unbelievable! IPOB Reveals What Some Fulani Men Allegedly Did In Enugu Communities During Anambra Election


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has made an allegation against Fulani jihadists in Enugu State. The group made it clear that some Fulani men attacked communities in Enugu State while governorship election was ongoing in Anambra State. It was further stated that the Eastern Security Network performed their duty diligently to repel the attacks.

Eastern Security Network was launched by IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, about a year ago. The security unit was designed to put an end to the raving threat of Fulani Herdsmen in the South- East region. Disarming Fulani jihadists in Enugu State and ensuring the safety of innocent indigenes proves that the security outfit is doing its job well. However, it still remains unclear how ESN managed to get the information that Fulani jihadists were on rampage in Enugu State.


Speaking through its spokesperson, IPOB assured people of the Southeast that the Eastern Security Network would not allow Fulani terrorists to occupy the region. The group pointed out that the safety of the people is paramount to IPOB. The group promises to keep to its words and ensure everyone in the South- East is protected against terrorists.


In a statement issued on Sunday, IPOB said: ” While the election in Anambra State was going on the enemies deployed terrorists disguising as herdsmen to Enugu State to attack unsuspecting Biafrans but the vigilance of our ESN operatives paid off as these agents of death and sorrow were repelled. The enemies and their sponsors thought they could take us unawares but unfortunately for them, our gallant ESN operatives keep vigil over the entire Biafra land 24 hours.


No matter how hard they try we will not allow any inch of Biafra land to be invaded by terrorists again. Never again shall ESN and IPOB allow Biafran people to badly treated on their own soil by terrorists. We shall continue to defend our ancestral land no matter the price” .

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IPOB further sent a warning to the sponsors of the so called jihadists and their foot soldiers. The group made it clear that it is just a waste of time if any group tries to terrorise the people of the South- East because no part of the region will be occupied by terrorists.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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