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UNBELIEVABLE!!! Man Married To Four Wives Beats Lady To Death For Refusing To Date Him


A man identified as Iguodala Ogieriakhi has been accused of beating a 25-year-old woman, Faith Aigbe, to death

Iguodala who is a community leader known as the Enogie of Uroho in Ikpoba Okha local government area of Edo State has according to a statement by the family has been allegedly pestering Faith for a relationship.

The community leader, who is reportedly married to four wives on Thursday lured the deceased to a location where she informed him that she is engaged to another man and planning her wedding.

Enraged by the information, he was said to have brutally assaulted Faith until she lost consciousness. He then bundled her into his tinted Lexus 350, drove to the Specialist Hospital in Benin City, and fled, leaving her to die.

Her body was found in the vehicle belonging to the community leader at the Specialist Hospital in Benin City on Thursday, September 9.


A Facebook user, Pharez Okpere relayed the incident as thus: “This morning I was awakened by the sad and despicable events of what happened Yesterday and how a young 25 years old Faith Aigbe was lured by one Friday Ogieriakhi Iguodeyala AKA (Drugs) who claims to be the Ohen of Uho community to his house she was brutally assaulted and left to die inside a locked Lexus jeep

“The sad event happened yesterday, the young girl was a teacher in one of the schools in the community, the said Ohen has been pestering her for a relationship despite married to 4 wives, yesterday the Ohen lured her to a location yesterday where she informed the Ohen that she is planning her introduction to get married, enraged by the information.

“The said Ohen went into a rage and beat the young girl mercilessly until she became unresponsive, then he dragged her into his tinted Lexus 350 and drove her to central hospital, on arrival at central hospital he parked his car with the young girl inside and fled the scene without trying to get the hospital emergency teams to administer treatment or first aid to her


“Seeing that the young girl did not return home after some hours the family started a frantic search for her and one of the boys to the Ohen informed the family of her whereabouts, they rushed to the hospital parking lot and searched for the car on finding the car and the young girl sucked in the back seat the mother tried to force the car door open in the hope that the girl might still be alive but the hospital security stopped her and requested they go get the police.

“The distraught mother then rushed to Aideyan police station and after 2 hours the police reluctantly accompanied them there, instead of the police to quickly force the car open they insisted in towing the car to their police station saying that they do not have the power to force open the car

“Again the distraught mother watching life sneaking out of her daughter went to look for a towing van and after about 5 hours the car was eventually towed to the police station where the police then broke the glass of the car and discovered that the young girl had given up the ghost


“The family of the young girl are in serious pains now and the said Ohen is bragging that nothing can happen to him. The mother of the deceased girl called me early this morning and tearfully narrated her ordeal to me. I am asking you all to help the family of Faith Aigbe to call on the police to immediately arrest and prosecute the said Ohen.”

Angry sympathizers broke the windscreen of the SUV Sports Utility car to catch a glimpse of the dead body before Police officers from Aideyan police division were said to have arrived at the scene and towed the vehicle along with Faith’s remains to the nearest police.

Friends and family members of the deceased have taken to social media to demand justice while calling on the police to thoroughly investigate the death as they suspect foul play.

Meanwhile, the remains of the deceased was later deposited in the mortuary for further investigation while the Enogie has since reported himself in Ologbo Police Division, Edo state.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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