UNBELIEVABLE: Powerful Party Kicks Against Zoning, Says Jonathan, Obasanjo & Buhari Didn’t Achieve Anything


A lot of groups have come out openly in the past to speak about the 2023 presidential election and predict the region that may likely produce the next president of Nigeria.

Since we are in a democratic state, people are free to voice out their opinion and say whatever they feel about any issue as long as it does not violate the constitutional right of the other person.


In the past few days, groups like Miyetti Allah, Northern Elders Forum, PDP youths, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Pro Buhari group, and Yahaya Bello support group have made a lot of statements about the forthcoming presidential election which is expected to take place in 2023.

Miyetti Allah is of the view that the south would not be allowed or supported to produce the next president of Nigeria due to the type of policies which has been made by southern governors in the past.

The Fulani group stated that the passage of the anti- grazing bill and VAT bill has shown that the southern governors are not united, hence, it would be a bad move to support them in 2023 due to the fear of producing a leader who might be loyal to the south alone.


PDP youth group stated that the PDP must not zone its chairmanship position to the north but the south.

The northern PDP youth argues that a northern president would not emerge in 2023 if the Chairmanship position is zoned to the north. The group also stated that the north is yet to rule for 12 years even though the south has ruled for 13 years In the past.

Northen leaders on the other hand believe that the use of force or threat would not make the southern governors get the support of the north in 2023.

If the north is to support the south, the leaders of the northern group urged southern governors to negotiate or adopt diplomatic methods to speak with the north.



Despite all these statements made by the above- mentioned group, a new group identified as North- South Alliance (NSA) has kicked against the zoning of the 2022 presidency.

The group stated that the leaders who have been chosen in the past have not contributed to the success of Nigeria and due to that, there is a need to reject zoning and vote for a candidate who can deliver the country in 2023.


Since zoning has not helped the country since the return to civilian rule, North- South Alliance (NSA) urged the people of Nigeria to kick against any form of zoning and allow those who are qualified to contest, and whoever wins the election would be supported by all- region.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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