UNBELIEVABLE!!! Pregnant Girlfriend Don Stab Her Boyfriend Sotey Him Kpai Inside Anambra State

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Police in Anambra State don arrest one 25-old-year woman Onyinye Chime afta she allegedly stab her boyfriend, one Eleyi Azubuike, to death for Ochiagha street, Nkpor, in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Daily Sun bin gada say di deceased bin allegedly impregnate di suspect wey want one abortion wey she no gree do, con dey demand money from am for her upkeep wey di deceased also bin no gree to oblige. Dis bin lead to one scuffle wey bin result in di woman di stabbing of di young man to death.

Di State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr Haruna Mohammed, wey bin confam di murder, bin yarn say police from Ogidi division wey rush to di scene of di incident bin rush di victim inside one pool of him blood to Iyi Enu Mission hospital Ogidi for medical attention, wia he bin dey certified dead by di medical doctor on arrival.

‘E get one report of alleged murder of one Eleyi Azubuike aged 29 years of Ochiagha street, Nkpor, inside Idemili North LGA of Anambra State, by him girlfriend, one Oyinye Chime, aged 25 years, of same Ochiagha street, Nkpor inside him room.

‘Following di report, police detectives wey dey attached to Ogidi Division as DPO CSP Ekuri Remigius bin lead dem go visit di scene and bin rush victim wey bin dey found inside one pool of him blood to Iyi Enu Mission hospital Ogidi for medical attention wia he bin dey certified dead by di medical doctor on arrival. Deadibodi don dey deposited for di hospital mortuary for autopsy.

‘One careful observation on di deceased body bin reveal stab wound on him chest while a blood-stained Kitchen knife bin also dey recovered as exhibit for di scene.

‘Meanwhile, preliminary investigation bin reveal say di deceased bin allegedly impregnate di suspect and bin want one abortion wey she no gree and con demand for some money for her upkeep wey di deceased also no gree to oblige, wey eventually con lead to one scuffle wey rezot to di deceased bin stabbed to death.

‘Di case dey under investigation to unravel di circumstances wey surround di incident,’ Mohammed bin yarn.

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Meanwhile, one tenant, Adekunle Adeyemi, don go into hiding afta he bin allegedly stab one co-tenant, Stanley Dickson, to death inside di Grammar School area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro bin gada say Stanley bin accuse Adekunle say he dey nack di wife of anoda neighbour, Arinze Onuoha, wey bin confront am with di accusation.

During di confrontation, e bin dey learnt say one argument bin ensue between Adekunle and Arinze, but Stanley, wey bin do di amebo give Arinze of di alleged affair with him wife, Chisom, no dey for home.

Adekunle as dem take yarn bin go threaten to confront Stanley with di accusation on him return from work inside di evening.

One resident of di area, Ibidunni Adegoke, bin yarn say during one visit to di area on Sunday dat when both Adekunle and Stanley bin return from work for evening, dey bin get confrontation, wey degenerated into one fight, con add say when di fight bin break out, Adekunle allegedly bin stab Stanley to death.

She con yarn, “Di victim (Stanley) bin go report him neighbour wife, Chisom, to her mother-in-law say anoda neighbour, Adekunle, bin dey get s.exual relations with her. From wetin we gada, all of dem dey live inside di same building and Adekunle bin dey assist Chismo with money to feed her family wheneva her husband, Arinze, no provide money for dem to feed.

“So, becos of dat, he bin conclude say dey bin dey inside one relationship and con go ahead to inform Arinze mama. When Arinze bin dey informed, he bin get one shouting match with Adekunle, wey later get to know say Stanley na di pesin, wey accuse am of having one affair with di woman. So, Adekunle bin leave for work but promise to get one word with Stanley when he return.

“Inside di evening, when both of dem bin don return from work, one argument con ensue between Adekunle and Stanley and e degenerate into one fight. When Adekunle dey overpower Stanley, di latter bin instruct him wife inside Igbo language to bring one knife, wey he bin use con stab Adekunle leg. Adekunle later con dispossess am of di knife and bin used am to stab Stanley inside di chest. Afta he stab am, he bin pin Stanley to di ground until he kpai.”

Anoda resident, Omotola Aderibigbe,bin yarn say di fight bin take place inside Stanley room, con add say afta he don kpai, Adekunle tear race, con abscond and oda residents, wey dey afraid of make dem no arrest dem in connection with di incident, also run commot from home.

He bin yarn, “Di fight bin happun around 2am; so, when Adekunle bin realise say Stanley bin kpai, he come out of di room, con threaten make everyone no move close to am, con instruct him wife to helep am get something and con run commot from home. Na pipu inside di area naim inform di police and when dey come, dey bin arrest Adekunle wife and con take di deadibodi away.

“Oda residents bin don desert di house becos all of dem bin dey fear becos of wetin happun.”

Di bus wey Stanley bin dey use for commercial transportation when he dey alive bin dey seen by our correspondent wia e dey parked for di scene of di incident.

When contacted, di state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana,bin yarn say di case don dey been transferred to di State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, for discreet investigation, con add say one manhunt don dey launched for Adekunle.

He bin state, “On July 30, 2020, around 1.30pm, one Glory Dickson of No. 9 Red Block Street, Grammar School area of Ikorodu, Lagos, bin come to di charge room and con report say one neighbour, Adekunle Adeyemi, bin come to dia room to challenge her husband, Stanley Dickson, that he bin tell one Arinze Onuoha, one co-tenant, say he dey get an affair with him wife, Chisom Onuoha.

“Dis bin lead to one argument and inside di process, Adekunle Adeyemi bin stab her husband with one knife inside di left side of him chest. Di sympathisers bin rush di victim to di Ikorodu General Hospital, wia dey bin am pronounce am dead.

“Di bodi bin bring am back home. One team of detectives wey di DCO, DSP Uzoma Martins bin lead, bin move to di scene and di victim bin dey found dead on di floor of him apartment. Di entire compound con dey deserted.

“On observation of di victim, marks of violence bin dey seen on di left side of him chest; di deadbodi don dey evacuated to di Ikorodu General Hospital’s mortuary for autopsy and one Mariam Ismail, 30, partner of di suspected murderer, dey assist inside di investigation. Di case don dey transfad to di Homicide Section, SCIID, Panti, for furda investigation and we don launch one manhunt for di suspect.”

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