UNBELIEVABLE! Top Politician Reveal The Only SOUTHEAST Politician Qualified To Become President


Many Nigerians, especially from the Southeastern part of Nigeria have stated that it is the turn of the region to produce a Nigerian President to show that Nigeria belongs to everyone irrespective of their political zone.

Therefore, the Ebonyi State Commissioner for Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Chief Oluchukwu Ukie Ezeali, has said the only qualified candidate to lead the country from the region is the Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi.


He said Umahi has everything it takes to be the President, stresses that the economic and commercial hubs he has created in Ebonyi are what the country needs at the national level.

Blueprint reported that Mr. Ezeali disclosed this in a chat with its correspondent in Abuja.


He said, ” Umahi has insisted that all payments in Ebonyi state must be earned and not frittered away for political patronage. The modern markets and industrial hubs across the state have created economic and commercial hubs making it easy to measure and regulate. These are exactly the kind of interventions that Nigeria needs at the national level. Umahi is an excellent manager of human and material resources. Nigeria, at this time in our history, begs for such a leader. One that understands that resources are limited and needs are limitless. ”


He added that Umahi has the symbol of unity to unit Nigerians of different ethnicity and culture and possess the ability to restore peace among conflict groups.

” Today, Nigeria is plagued with mutual distrust across ethnic lines and religious divides but Umahi has been a symbol of unity. Ebonyi state is home to all nationalities living and coexisting peacefully. The speed with which the Governor intervenes and settles all disputes and restores peace among conflict groups is proof of his patriotism and nationalism.


” Umahi is the most detribalized politician in Nigeria today. While most question his ethnic consciousness, his preference for a united and progressive Nigeria is not in doubt. Today, Nigeria and Nigerians are in search of a leader that epitomizes unity, progress, security, and peace, look no further than Engr David Nweze Umahi, ” he added.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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