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UNBELIEVABLE! ! ! Umahi Begs Southeast GOVERNORS To Urgently Discuss Nnamdi Kanu’s Release, Gives Reasons


Ebonyi State Governor and chairman of Southeast Governors Forum, David Umahi, has begged all the five Southeast Governors to attend an urgent meeting on Tuesday, where the arrest and release of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra will be discussed.

The governor stressed that the meeting is important to the extent that the Southeast Governors need to attend in person and not by sending representatives. He added that decisions to salvage the region that is presently battling with the high rate of insecurity will be reached at the meeting.


The letter read in part, ” Our Leaders begged that I request all Governors of Southeast to be present at the time and not on representative capacity so that together we should reach some decisions to salvage our region that is presently battling with the high rate of insecurity.

” May I, therefore, request that you please endeavour to attend this meeting for the sake of Ndigbo. ”


He added that the Southeast people have accepted the Eastern Security Network, ESN, created by the IPOB, therefore there has been unrest in the entire region since Nnmadi Kanu was arrested because the Governors we’ re playing selfish politics.

He revealed that Kanu’ s arrest and release will be discussed at the meeting because the sit- at- home order has caused several deaths and arson.


The letter continued, ” If you check around the states, the people have accepted ESN because there is no alternative to that.

” When we talk about the renewed insecurity in the Southeast, anybody who wants to tell himself the truth will tell you that since the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, and the Governors playing selfish politics with it, we have been having sit- at- home which has caused several deaths and arson.


” I think the governors will have to put an end to this and that is by discussing his arrest and giving assurance that he would be released. “


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