UNBELIEVABLE! ! ! Whitemoney Disclosed Why He’s In Great Fear Over Intense Pressure From Beautiful Ladies


The 2021 Big Brother Naija’ s ” Shine Your Eyes” winner Hazel Onou, popularly known as Whitemoney, recently reveals his greatest fear after winning this popular reality TV show, he said that many ladies of all classes are currently mounting him intense pressure for a relationship. He reveals this during an interactive session in one of the popular Nigerian entertainment media houses.


He added that physical attraction is quite important for women because everyone wants their men to appear at the top. Of course, you don’ t have to look like a star actor. According to research, many women like it when the man is taller or popular than them.


This opinion is individual because, besides people who consider their partner’ s achievement to be important, there are also a lot of people who will not pay much attention to it and will focus on your soul. Handsomeness is very popular with young ladies.


Of course, every lady has their interest as it concerns relations but what everyone loves is passion, kindness, and thoughtfulness in the eyes of man. Women like it when the man has his hair well- groomed just like Whitemoney and other reality stars and actors.


Of course, every lady would prefer the man who takes care of his appearance to the one who is scruffy. The man must also have a sense of style and be well dressed just like Hazel Onou.


Every woman wants to see a clean man by her side, instead of someone who wears dirty clothes and doesn’ t pay attention to his style. Women love when men smile. There is a better chance of charming a woman if you smile at her, instead of being cranky. Of course, the smile should be sincere and not overconfident. It is a great sign that the man is kind and gentle and has a positive attitude in life.


However, according to this reality star, he disclosed that ” My single status has now worsened because a lot of women now say to me” oh Whitemoney, you know I was there for you when you don’ t have a name.


He added that with the way things are now, I’ m ready to buy some love if I see someone and I’ ve been single since the year 2015 and I haven’ t had a serious relationship or lover since then. During my stay in the 2021 Big Brother house has helped me get to get more knowledge on how to talk to ladies better.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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