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Unbelievable! ! Yul Cancels Tinubu’s Name As He Declares Himself The Right Person For President In 2022

Yul Edochie is a popular Nigerian actor and an entertainer. He is the son of popular veteran actor, Pete Edochie. Yul Edochie started his movie career years back as he’ s probably one of the most popular and talented Actors in the Nollywood Industry. Yul Edochie plays different roles in movies. In some movies, he acts like a poor man while in others, he plays the role of a rich man. Because of the movies, Yul Edochie has played in a movie set, some people tag him as a Ritualist.

Some minutes ago, Yul Edochie shared a new post on Instagram. In the post, pictures of candidates who are going to participate in the 2023 presidential election were seen. However, Yul Edochie cancels out all candidates’ names, leaving only his name as he declares himself the right man to rule Nigeria as a president. While she shared the post, it gained massive reactions from fans.

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After Yul Edochie stated he’ s going to make Nigeria terrific once more when he becomes the president, humans commenced reacting in the remark section. Most of Yul Edochie’ s fans agreed that he could make Nigeria great again. A fan who confirmed Yul Edochie’ s dedication to turning into the subsequent president of Nigeria stated as they endorsed him. Some humans even needed to pray for him to win.

It is good that people are supporting Yul Edochie as he revealed his plans. I assume Yul Edochie is doing nicely with the aid of using inspiring fine matters to himself. let wish and support him well to see if he can honestly win as an elected president of Nigeria. However, we are hoping that God protect him.

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