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UNBELIEVABLE! How A Zambian Female Banker Got Suspended For Sleeping With Over 200 Men & Promising Them Jobs

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Zambians were shell-shocked when the news broke out from the Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) that one of its female employees was suspended for allegedly sleeping with over 200 different men.

The men are reported to be both clients and job seekers, most of whom she lured into bed after promising them jobs at the bank, reports Zambian Observer.

The 39-year-old woman, Mutale Winfridah, is reported to have been using her influence as Senior Bank Executive at the Bank’s Kitwe branch to lure the men into bed, with several promises of giving them jobs.

She also lured them into bed with the promise of approving their bank loan applications. The Zambian Observer reports that after 10 men formally lodged complaints against her, stating her s*xual advances towards them, the management of the bank decided to officially suspend her.

It is, however, unclear what further sanctions the bank intends to take concerning her. Winfridah is unmarried, reports the Zambian Observer, adding that her quest to attain different academic qualifications before finding a partner has been her reason for staying single till now.

A similar incident happened in Uganda last year when an official at a top university was suspended for making advances towards a student.

It was also reported in 2018 how Edward Kisuze, a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Makerere University in Uganda, was suspended by the university after pictures of him assaulting the student went viral.

The student in question, Rachael Njeri, took a photo of Kisuze in the compromising position and posted it on social media.

Njeri had gone to the administrative block of the university to collect her transcripts but was then assaulted in the process.

“As I was looking through [the transcripts], the man who had given them to me turned out to be so inhumane,” she wrote in a statement to the administration. I tried to resist his actions but he was stronger than I was. He grabbed me and threw me on the cabinet files at the corner,” she added saying that she hurt her head in the process.

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