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Unique Way Youths Used Their Bodies To Form “EndSARS” Today (See Photos).

The EndSARS protest in Nigeria is taking a new turn as the day passes by.

And thus, continuing the protest, youths have come out in their numbers, and in a unique way, they have used their bodies to form what they are protesting for.

In the gymnastics world, this is called “callisthenics”, and it is a form of exercise which you do very early in the morning to keep your body healthy, but most essentially, it deals with the movement of the body.

And these youths took it upon themselves to express their feelings, their grieves; not just by words, or actions, but also by their bodies.

This will definitely show the Government that they are really eager to end the squad.

Looking at the pictures, both ladies and guys participated in the exercise, and they both took the part where they think they can function in.

Check the pictures below to see how they formed the word:

What do you think?

Aren’t they beautiful?

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