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Are The Unknown Gunmen Terrorizing South-East Still Unknown To Us?

For a while now, some groups of Unknown Gunmen have been terrorizing the Southeast and some parts of the South-South region, attacking Police stations and killing security agents at will. The name Unknown Gunmen which is arguably derived from the belief that the identities of the attackers are not known to us, have become one of the trending names in the media in recent time. However, it appears that the once unknown have gradually began to be known.

It should be recalled that it was not long after the clash of the Nigerian Army and members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) in Orlu area of Imo State, that we began to witness a surge of attacks on security formations in the region. These series of attacks have seen many Police Stations burnt, with some Officers killed.


Not long after the first few attacks, it was reported that members of the Eastern Security Network setup by the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are behind the attacks by Unknown Gunmen in the Southeast and South-south regions. Following this revelation, manhunt on the group was launched by the government security forces, with the Imo State Commander of Eastern Security Network who was known as Ikonso Don, identified as the mastermind behind the attacks on Police Command Headquarters and Nigerian Correctional Service facility in Owerri Imo State.


Since the late Ikonso Don was identified and killed by a joint security operatives made up of the Army, DSS and Police, some others have equally been identified and arrested in connection with the series of attacks on security formations in the regions, particularly in Imo State. Not long ago, the news of the arrest of late Commander Ikonso’s Deputy, Awurum Eze, made wave in the media. The 48 years old Eze was equally identified as one of the major sponsors of the Eastern Security Network.

While the media is still awash with the arrest of Awurum Eze, the news the arrest of another alleged member of the Unknown Gunmen came in. The alleged member who is identified as Michael Osundu was arrested in Owerri the Imo State capital, in connection with the attacks on the Nigeria Correctional Service facility. Although the arrested Michael alleged to be a Police Spy trained at the the Police Training College, Ikeja, investigations are currently underway to verify his claim. With all these arrests already made in connection with the attacks in Southeast and parts of the South-South, we may begin to wonder if these Unknown Gunmen are still unknown to us.

Could it be that we have finally come to know the once unknown? Share your views with us through the comment section below. Thank you

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