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Update: DOG The Bounty Hunter reportedly released from hospital as new report claims he didn’t suffer heart attack

Dog the Bounty Hunter has reportedly been released from the hospital as new report stated that he didn’t suffer a heart attack.


The 66-year-old American bounty hunter and a former bail was hospitalized at a Colorado hospital over the weekend due to a heart emergency.

According to TMZ, doctors performed a bunch of tests and it appeared to be stress and blood pressure-related and not a full-blown heart attack. The doctors also performed an angiogram and it was normal.

His family are said to be worried about his health after having gone through stress associated with his wife’s death, a subsequent burglary and various other issues. They suspect all these could have led to his high blood pressure, and the chest pains he experienced over the weekend.


One source also revealed to the Gossip site that Dog was released from the hospital late Monday night (September 17), and is now resting at home.

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