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UPDATES: Cheating Couple Get Stuck And Unable To Separate After Mating

Prevent cheating with married girls or boys

According to the man, the couple had proficient introvert skills during the intimacy process. With the help of the couple, the man changed himself back to help them resolve their situation. And can’t get rid of his genitals from his genitals

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He then contacted another of his friends, included the truck, and transported it to a nearby medical institution as a scientific assistant.

However, due to the inability to separate the two reproductive organs, the neighbourhood clinic became unable to help the couple. They were then sent to the Provincial Health Center, where they were assisted after 3 full hours.

Our polokwane news 24 investigative reporters managed to interview the health doctor who helped the couple, health doctor Jubert Wilson

According to health doctor Jubert Wilson, this happens when the vaginal muscles are pressed against the penis and make it impossible to withdraw the penis from the vagina. This situation is called penis capture, which is almost Like vaginismus.

But this happens when couples need hours during sexual activity

Our investigative reporter also consulted Siphozakhe Zunku, a traditional healer.

Siphozakhe Zunku stated that most people do use conventional techniques to make their wives feel comfortable or to ensure that no one sleeps with their wives, and if others can try to seize their good fortune, then the drug used is called PooPedi (simple It means the most effective way a person can enter). Unable to wipe out his reproductive organs

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