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US ELECTION 2020: What Biden’s Victory Means To Us, Nigerians In US, Others React

Nigerians in the United State of America have continued to expresses their opinion to the November, 4 presidential election which saw the emergence of the Democratic candidate, Joe Bidden elected as the 46th President of America.

Biden, 77 defeated the incumbent President, Donald Trump, 73 and is expected to assume office officially in January, 2022.
The victory of the former Vice President this time around is coming amidst utterances and insulting rhetorics that sharply divided Americans along racial lines.

Speaking on the outcome of the election in their various reactions to National Pilot inquest from the States on Sunday, Nigerians based in the US expressed optimism in of better tomorrow.

According to Mrs. Folake Odele, Biden’s victory offers a rare hope. “It’s a clear victory and it gives us hope and faith in a better tomorrow that things will turn around for good,” she said.

Another Nigerian, Hammed Arikewushola said the victory of the Democrat Joe Bidden is the beginning of American dream for the world.

“It is an end to dictatorial tendencies of Trump, an end to inhuman nature of a spoilt brat. The dusk of supremacist who rules by threats. And of course, the beginning of the American dream for the world.”

For Azeez Boston, “the victory at the polls of Joe Bidden means an end to lawlessness, fraud, racism, immorality, Islamophobia and beginning of a responsible and responsive government of total inclusiveness irrespective of party affiliation.
“Restoration of decency, honesty, consistency, respect for others who disagree with us or don’t look like us and so many more.

“What President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory means to me is that democracy in America will be restored based on the Constitution of the United States.  All Americans will be treated equal regardless of their political party and affiliations, economic status, ethnicity and race, religious values, sex and sex affiliations.

“Americans will be protected against persecution based on terrorist attacks on people of color, especially the assassination on black men’s lives, immigration status, and viruses and diseases which plagued our country and have killed over 200,000 Americans.

“The will of the American people will be heard and adhered to. Americans will have opportunities to seek out better job opportunities, will have and maintain affordable housing, will have access to affordable health care and prescription medicines, will have choices of insurance and doctors.

“More specifically and importantly as an African American woman, this victory means not only that the slogan black lives matters; however this will be evidenced in action by obtaining top level leadership and decision-making for African Americans, particularly women in the White House, in politics, in 500 Fortune Companies, in the board room, and in career and job opportunities where we were not receiving equal pay for equal work!
“African Americans can just be.

We can just be unapologetically black and not be judged based on our skin colour, style of our hair and hair colour, our clothing choices, using our voices about our needs and wants.

“We can just be educated and have the resources available and provided to us to compete in any capacity across America.  We can just be Black Excellence.

“We can just be Black Intelligence.  We can just be Black Class.  We can just have Black Sass.  We can just be Black Magic using our Black Minds.  We can just be proud African Americans, black in America, and/or just be Americans!

“Due to our victory, we have the political and economic power of soon to be First Lady, Jill Biden as supporter. She is a life-long educator.  Ms. Biden will assist in the reorganization of schools across America and begin with adequately funding our public schools, valuing the worth of educators by demonstrating respect in terms of adequately paying educators, providing educators a voice in educational and political policies, protecting the rights of educator’s unions and job security.
“We can just be!”  We can breathe!”  “We matter!”, Boston said.

In the same vein, another Nigerian, Oguntohun said Biden emergence has brought an end to the division between the white and black Americans.

“Joe Biden’s victory means end of division between white and black Americans and a chance of an end to Police brutality on black Americans.

“Joe Biden’s victory to me is a victory for the African American on racism, equality and sense of belongs in USA, he said.


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