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US Election: Check Out What Donald Trump Plans To Do In Washington DC On 6th Of January 2021

Donal Trump – “We Won BIG and Massive Amounts of Evidence Will be Presented on the 6th”

We are all aware of Donald Trump’s refusal to admit defeat as he claims the result were fraudulent.

Again Donald Trump is in the News again as he stated his readiness to present concrete evidence about the concluded presidential election on the 6th of January 2021.

Donald Trump has fixed the 6th of January, 2021 as the day he will stage a big Protest to present evidence that the US 2020 Presidential election was Rigged for Joe Biden to win the election.

We all aware that Joe Biden emerge as the winner of the just concluded presidential election but Trump was not satisfied with the result as he claimed it rigged. Below is the tweet Trump made on his Twitter handle that got lots of people talking.

This post got a lot of people’s attention as they also reacted to it. Checkout comments from Twitter users below.

Could this be a good news for Trump’s supporters? Or he is just blabbing?

Do you think Donald Trump will become the 46th President of the US?

Please do give us your views and opinions in the section box below.


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