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US Election Update: Adviser Reveals Trump’s Stand On Elections Results & His Plan To Remain Famous.

Recall that millions of Americans went to the poll to elect their leaders on the 3rd of November. Surprisingly, the incumbent Republican President of the United States of America lost the presidential election to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Joseph Robinette Biden). Another interesting drama surrounding the US 2020 presidential election is the decision of President Donald Trump not to concede defeat even after losing the election.

According to CNN News, one of President Trump’s advisers has revealed that the current US President knows that he lost the election but he doesn’t want to admit that openly. The White House Adviser whose identity is not revealed for some reason told CNN that Donald Trump knows very well that it’s almost impossible for him to win many of the lawsuits he filed in different states to challenge election results legally. Trump is determined to fight and see the end of this before leaving office.

Also, note that Donald Trump won’t want to vanish from the eyes of thr public after an election loss because he was able to raise over $100 million to fund his litigation process. CNN reported that Trump would be going across the world, overseas, and the United States as well. Though, there are suggestions that Trump might still run for thr presidency in the years ahead.

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