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US Election Update: Trump’s Refusal to Accept Defeat is No Longer A Joke, It May be Killing America


2 weeks after the election, there has been heavy unrest as to who would reside in the White House by January 2021. Would it be the president Donald Trump, or the president-elect Joseph Biden?

Even after announcing Joe Biden the winner of the election, Trump still finds it hard to concede defeat, and has been filing baseless lawsuits against Biden, in an attempt to uncover some sort of elctoral fraud in favor of Biden. Yet, he’s been unlucky.

For a while, Trump has been the subject of jokes and memes round the world on Twitter. When he was announced the loser, supporters of the Democrats filled the streets to celebrate the victory of their leader. What’s more, Trump’s manaical tweets that he had won the election, as well as the futile efforts of his legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, to change the results of the election have seemed a joke to everyone. No more.

It’s high time they stepped back, and notice that the United States is witnessing something she had never experienced before : a president desperately clawing at the threads for a chance to retain his position, by trying to overturn a completely free and fair election. He is challenging the very pillar of democracy, and in turn, on the verge of collapsing it.

Ultimately, Trump has to be called to order, as his actions seen like that of an infant. Just as Biden described it, he may be one of the most irresponsible president in the history of the United States.

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