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US: Trump Has Levelled A Strong Accusation At The 44th President Of The US, See What He Said

The President Of The United States of America Donald Trump has recently just quote tweeted a tweet containing an accusation of The 44th President Of The US, Barrack Obama of spying and leaking Operation against Trump.

In Trump’s Caption of the tweet, he accused the Former President of Spying on his campaign and says that he got caught.

He wrote: “Obama Spied on Our Campaign- and got caught!”

The Tweet which he quoted allegedly claims that Russian Collusion hoaxers Loathe Nunes for uncovering the Obama admin’s illegal spying and leaking operation against Trump.

Sean Davis : “Fox News reporter snidely claims Devin Nunes was behind effort to “discredit the Russia investigation” of non-existent collusion. Russian collusion hoaxers loathe Nunes for uncovering the Obama admin illegal spying and leaking operation against Trump.”

Trump quoted this tweet and said Obama was caught for spying on his camping.

The President is still yet to concede defeat and has recently filed lawsuits against the election results that saw Biden Emerge winner and President-elect. Donald Trump has said several times that he was going to win and fight against every electoral fraud in the Election process that we just witnessed. How’s that going for him, well, we’ll see, but Mr Trump is in for a tussle this time!


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