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USAElection2020: Huge Ballots Discovered In USA Days After Election And Counting Of Results.

Things might turn out differently for Biden as Trump may likely win him in the supreme court. Trump keeps unveiling some proves which shows that their election was rigged in favour of Joe Biden.

Today, he released a video through his twitter page. The video shows that huge ballots were dumped in the waste bin as some officials were seen packing them up.

Before now, I was thinking that rigging of elections and tampering with ballots can only be seen in African countries, but this year’s USA election proved me wrong.

Those congratulating and rejoicing that Joe Biden won should minimize their joy for things might turn out differently.

I love the fact that President Trump has refused to accept defeat, we must learn how to stand our ground at times. This shows that he is strong and ready to lead the American people to the next level.

I love his confidence, at times seeking for peace whereby things are getting out of hand will lead to disaster. We must learn from Trump on how to fight for our rights.

To Biden supporters, don’t rejoice yet for Trump is coming.


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