Use 4 Home Remedies To Whitening Your Teeth.


Laughing in the public with brown teeth can be so embarrassing. Some times, you will smiling and covering your teeth at the same time so that people won’t see your teeth. There are many causes of brown teeth, such as coffee, tea and sweets. Teeth needs to be clean at all time to avoid teeth problem.

You don’t need to be visiting dentist for teeth whitening all the time. Going there will cost you money. Why can’t you save it and buy this home remedies. I will be teaching you how to remove that brown teeth, to make it sparkling.


1. Garlic

2. Lime

3. Salt

4. Toothpastes and brush(any brand)

Procedures: Pick one big garlic , remove the back wash it and grate it inside a bowl. Add lime water, add small salt and toothpaste. Mix everything together use it and brush your teeth.

Note: You can use it and brush your teeth twice every week. Keep the mixture inside refrigerator.

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