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If You Use A Flushing Toilet At Home, Do This To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Toilet

Snakes are slimy, smooth snakes that can spread themselves to whatever length they want to get to their destination.

There have been several accounts of snakes being discovered in toilets, with people sometimes being victims of snake bites.

It is sometimes necessary to understand how to keep your home safe from these rodents who put their lives on the line in search of food.

Snakes prefer cool places where their main prey, mice, can be found, and in order to avoid being heard, they can slip through your drainage system.

Let’s take a look at a few methods you can use to keep these snakes out of your toilets and from biting anyone in your family.

1.At least once a week, flush your water closet with iodine or salt that is fully concentrated.

This would deter any snake from continuing its path into your bathroom, and it may even be killed as a result.

2.Place a wire mesh between the water closet pipe and the ceiling to keep it from continuing its route. The wire mesh would obstruct the pipe’s path and prevent it from going up.

It will have no choice but to return or get stuck there; additionally, make sure to use iron wire or stainless steel wire mesh that is not rushed, or you will be wasting your time.

3.Because snakes like eating mice, avoid leaving your toilet in a filthy condition that will attract mice and, in turn, snakes. Clean your toilets once a week and give them a pleasant odor.

I believe that if you take all of these precautions, any snake will have a difficult time getting into your toilet, and you will be protected.

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