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USELESS POLITICIANS! ! ! Peter Obi Humiliates FFK, Reveals What Buhari Must Do To Useless Politicians


Thousands of Nigerians were left in shock after a strong member of PDP left the party and joined APC. Many people were angry that Fani Kayode left the PDP to join a party that he had vowed to never join. Due to the political incident, many people have said a lot of things about Fani Kayode. In a recent report, a former candidate of PDP, Peter Obi told President Buhari to stop taking photos with useless politicians.


According to The Cable, Peter Obi said the president is a very important person which a lot of Nigerians look up to for advice. He said President Buhari is a good person and he should always learn to walk and take photos with people who are responsible, smart, intelligent, and responsible. At the same time, Peter Obi said President Muhammadu Buhari must stop taking photos with just anybody. He said the president must stop taking photos with useless politicians who have no values, self- respect, integrity, and value.


While speaking during an interview, Peter Obi said it is very surprising that a member of the PDP who people thought would support the party till the last day suddenly left the party. He said Fani Kayode left his place to go to Aso Rock just because he wanted to take photos with President Muhammadu Buhari. Reacting to the photos of Fani Kayode and President Buhari, Peter Obi said that the photos show that a person can be a bad person and still be called a good person.


Part of his statement read ” The president can do a lot of things to change the bad narrative in the country. He can begin to take photos with the soldiers or the police officers. He should take photos with the son of the dead soldiers who died defending the country, he should take photos with those who have made sacrifices and not just anybody. ”


” I found it very sad that people just go anywhere and take photos with the president. No matter who they are or what they have done, they will just wake up one day and take photos with President Buhari. He should take photos with those who are helping the country not those who are adding to the problem of the country. Not those who are senseless, heartless, ungrateful, and shameless. “


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