VALENTINE SPECIAL: 10 Common Signs You Are Dating A ‘Coded’ Runs Girl

Nowadays, it is very easy to date a girl who is either prostituting on a full time or part-time note. While most of them are being driven by greed, others are victims of Nigeria’s ailing economy.

There are no jobs and very few opportunities for people to succeed in life. So to satisfy their endless needs, these girls professionally take to the oldest trade in the world.

The common signs that you are dating a runs girl are listed below:

(1) They phones are always ringing while they sell nothing:

The phones of runs girls never rest. They are always involved in negotiations and their goods are unseen. The callers are mostly strange male clients.

(2) If she regularly uses Tinder or Inmessage or Codedruns, she is doing runs:

My dear, these platforms mentioned above are mostly used for hookups. If she is always using them even when she is committed to you, she might be selling it.

(3) Her phone and other apps are locked:

One thing most runs girls lack is transparency. They are never open about anything because they are hiding their dark sides. If her phone is locked including apps like WhatsApp and you don’t know the password, my dear, you are on borrow times and you will learn the hard way.

(4) If her friends are doing runs:

A thief will always be friends with thieves. Yahoo boys have a clique. If her friends are prostituting and she is telling you about them, there is every possibility that she is also in that trade.

(5) If she disappears on Friday night and weekends:

In Lagos State, for example, Fridays and weekends are mostly reserved for sex. It is a period when most hardworking men want to let off steam and are ready to pay for it. This leaves them energized for the week ahead. So if the bed of your woman is always empty on these days, know that something is fishy.

(6) If she is always going to events:

This is a dicey one, but it is also a red flag. There are women that are genuinely socialites. Others go to all manners of social gatherings just to meet men.

(7) If she is jobless and uses the latest iPhone:

Most runs girls love Apple products. They easily want to show they are classy. If your girlfriend is jobless or underemployed and her mobile phone is over N500,000 which you didn’t buy for her, there is a problem oh.

(8) If her salary is small and her bank account is fat:

Most girls earn small amounts of money as salaries while their bank accounts are as fat as Yokozuna. If you are experiencing it, try and investigate the missing piece. The answer is in that mystery.

(9) If she regularly flaunts any part of her body:

A decent girl is always well-dressed and covered up. The one that sleeps around will always flaunt her body parts for interested customers. The logic is simple. So whatever she is flaunting is her selling point.

(10) If she is always in different cars, hotels and upscale restaurants:

If you go on social media today, it is easy to spot the girls that do runs by simply understudying their social media accounts. They are mostly flamboyant in nature. They post pictures of them in different cars, hotels and eating rare but expensive meals. These are things they can’t afford on their own. Trust me, she is a seller oh.

In conclusion, I will add this last one. If she doesn’t post your picture on Whatsapp, even on your special day, she might be dodgy. This is because she wouldn’t want you to discourage her other clients.


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