Vanity Upon Vanity: Checkout 10 Pictures Of Houses Evans The Kidnapper Built Before He Was Arrested.

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Nigerians really suffered in the hands of Chukwudi Onuamadike popularly known as Evans the kidnapper. He was very notorious in his line of evil work. Evans was so good in what he did that it was very difficult before the Nigerian police finally got him arrested around 2017.

Before Evans was arrested, he built a lot of mansions in Nigeria and some in Accra, Ghana. Evans was so rich that then he was estimated to be worth around 1 million dollars. He really made a lot of money from the dirty business of kidnapping.

But all these were vanity because Evans is not enjoying his ill gotten wealth. Who will now be living in those houses because they are under investigation by the police and they’ve seized the properties.

All in a quest to get money by quick means, Chukwudi aka Evans put his hand in evil. Yes he hot the money and built many mansions but where is he now? Indeed it was all vanity Upon Vanity.

Check out the houses Evans built before he was arrested

Most of his mansions can be found in Lagos

No matter what you do, keep your hands cleans when acquiring wealth. The quicker way you chose to make money is also the quicker way you will lose everything.

This world is vanity Upon vanity and if you lose your life or lose everything when chasing vanity, those vain things will still be around because they can’t finish.

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