VICTORY FOR NNAMDI KANU As Lawyer Sues Malami, IGP & DSS For Baring Journalist & Lawyers From Kanu’s Trial


According to Today NG, a new report has shown that the attorney general of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami, Police IGP, Usman Alkali, and the DSS have been sued by a lawyer whose name is identified as Tope Temokun.

On Friday, documents obtained from Today NG revealed that human rights lawyer, Tope Temokun sued Abubakar Malami, Police IGP, and the DSS over refusal to grant entry to journalists and lawyers during Nnamdi Kanu’ s trial on October 21.


In this suit marked, FHC/ABJ/CS/1272/2021, Tope Temokun urged the court to invite Abubakar Malami, police IGP and DSS to explain why a few journalists were invited or allowed to attend Nnamdi Kanu’ s trial while many other journalists and lawyers were not allowed inside the court.

Tope Temokun argued that ” The officers and/or operatives” of the DSS and the police of cordoning off or barricading the access routes to the entrances of the Federal High Court in Abuja on July 26 and allowed journalists whose names were contained in the July 23 circular amounts a breach of the right to freedom from discrimination. ”


” In a ridiculous repeat of the media restrictions, DSS operatives, complemented by the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian Army, on Thursday, barricaded adjoining streets to the Federal High Court in Abuja, the venue of the trial, turning journalists and lawyers away from the surroundings of the court premises. ”

” The indiscriminate harassment and assault of journalists and lawyers was a violation of their constitutionally guaranteed rights. Denying journalists access to the courts is an indictment on any democracy because, in a true democracy, press freedom comes first. ”


” It had become necessary to challenge ” this new regime of repression enjoying judicial support. I have resolved to challenge this circular and have filed an action in the Federal High Court Abuja today in Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/1272/2021, subjecting the legality of this repressive document to scrutiny. ”

” Obviously, if we don’ t stand up to challenge this new regime of repression enjoying judicial support, we don’ t know for how long this treatment of assaulting people in court premises and denying the public access to courts by the DSS and the police would come to an end. ”


” The court’ s declaration that the media accreditation circular dated July 23 allowing some journalists to enter the court premises for the July 26 trial of Mr. Kanu and denying others ‘ is not validly issued’ , violates the provisions of sections 36(3) and (4) of the Nigerian constitution, ‘ and is therefore illegal and unconstitutional. “


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