VIDEO: 2 Students Were Caught On Camera Enjoying Themselves

What at all is happening in our schools. I wonder why students now a days chop themselves like this. They don’t even care if it is classroom or dormitory or even dinning hall. All they care is enjoy themselves.

There has been many leaks of students enjoying themselves and it seems it is far from ending. From the footages two students were caught on camera enjoying themselves. It appeared that the teacher wasn’t in the classroom.

Therefore these students took the opportunity to enjoy themselves. You could see from the footages that, the girl sat on the boy and was just going up and down. Many other students were around but it appeared, either they have not seen it or they have seen it but they don’t care. I wonder what is happening in the educational system not only Ghana but African.

Students have been caught several times making out. It seemed that students of this generation are no longer afraid of anything. They are not afraid of their parents neither are they afraid of authorities. They just go around and do their things. They don’t care where they do it.

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Watch the full video below:




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