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VIDEO: “I Can’t Kill My Mother”- Alleged Yahoo Boy Says As He Misbehaves In Public

A disturbing video of a suspicious Yahoo boy is currently circulating on social media this morning and many are thinking what attack or harm could be making the young man in the video anxious.

Many people assumed this young man is Cyber criminal (Yahoo) who must have added voodoo but ran mad as a result of his unfinished rituals. You could hear the voice of the young man in the video saying ” I no fit kill my mama” meaning I cannot kill my mother in English.

Also when people asked him if he knew what he was saying, he said ‘ yes’ . People around him tried to calm him down, but he refused to listen to them and stepped forward so that he could escape the large crowd that gathered around him. Another thing we noticed in the video are people trying to hold him and asking him if he was mad or just acting. Of course he’ s mad it’ s impossible to tell how the reality of life continues to hit people hard, and one can’ t just look away from everything that’ s going on in the society today.

The surge to get rich has ruled the minds of many young people around the world, turning them into an animal that fears no one and that would go any mile to satisfy the desires of their souls.


We have heard reports of young people going crazy and eating disgusting things in the quest to get fast money; it’ s no news that what the devil gives don’ t last; from the video I can tell that this young man ran insane because he failed to provide the ritual material, his mother.

If you are also thinking about indulging in an evil thing, today, give it a second thought. . because the devil’ s gift won’ t stay long. Give your life to Christ he’ s the only one who can give you everything you need without ritual materials.


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