VIDEO: Counselor Lutterodt Schools Couples On Tw£rking S£x Position

Among the many problems in the relationship of most married couples and those dating/courting has to do with s£xual intercourse.

Yes, s£x can make and unmake a romantic relationship. And mostly it’s on the basis that the sex is either good or bad.

One thing that many people struggle with is being dynamic with the positions they engage when having s£x with their partners. Many have said that monotonous s£x positions makes the activity boring.

Controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor, George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known in media circles simply as Counselor Lutterodt has therefore offered couples some tips of one of such uncommon s£x positions.

In a video sighted on Instagram which was posted by popular celebrity blogger, Bra Kofi, the outspoken counselor is seen describing the s£x position to an audience.

A lady wearing only lingerie is seen in the video as she tw£rks on the popular counselor’s laps.

After signaling to the lady it was enough, Counselor Lutterodt then advised men in the audience not to man women exhaust themselves in that s£x position.

He further prescribed to them that: “So while she’s tw£rking on you, you don’t just stand up and go. You will put your two legs together and stand up slowly and gently. The woman will respond and straighten herself.”

Adding that, “this is common sense. That way it [the penis] will come out easily.”

Well, this position might spice up someone’s relationship, who knows?

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Check out the video below:


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