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VIDEO: “I Don’t Care How Much Money You Have, I Will Not Talk To You If You’re Ugly” – Lady Says

Relationships mean various things to various people, and everyone has the freedom to choose what they want in life. For example, when it comes to dating a man, some women don’t mind if he isn’t very gorgeous or gorgeous as long as he has money.

While others tend to place a great value on the idea that the guy must be attractive, they don’t appear to mind if he isn’t wealthy. So, if I may ask you a short question, which of the above can you or cannot afford to settle for as a lady?


The tale I’m going to tell you is intriguing, and I’d want to hear your thoughts in the comments area. It’s about a woman who claims to be Ghanaian and what she stated about the males she prefers. She doesn’t seem to want to pretend about the things she sees in a mate.

She appears to have remarked, unlike other ladies, that no matter how affluent a guy is or may look before her, if he is not nice, gorgeous, and maybe beautiful, she would not allow him the least opportunity to speak with her. She did say, though, that she would have to kiss you one day. ‘Different strokes for different enemies,’ as the saying goes.

In her words:


“I Don’t Care How Much Money You Have, I Will Not Talk To You If You’re Ugly because she will have to kiss you one day”

However, her comment has elicited a range of emotions, with some claiming that she is not OK and that she is taking medication.

Take a look at the reactions below.

Oh, well, this lady appears to have decided what she wants from a man, and as an adult, I suppose she is entitled to it without apology, right or wrong? This is similar to the pigeon proverb, “One man’s meal is another man’s poison.”

For more information, see the video below.

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