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VIDEO: The Girl That Was Humiliated In Public, See The Cloth She Wore That Infuriated The Pastor

A video was shared some hours ago which captures the moment a pastor stopped a young lady on the road on the grounds that she was wearing a seductive cloth. The pastor created a scene as he started praying and preaching to the young lady because of the cloth she was wearing. The pastor says that she must remove the seductive cloth she is wearing because it was instigated by some ‘Marine power’.

Within few minutes, dozens of people gathered around the lady to see what was going on. People were surprised when they saw the drama going on, so some of them picked their device to start recording. The lady persuaded people not to record her but people did not listen to her. She kept screaming ‘What is the meaning of this? You are embarrassing me, stop recording me please.’ The lady was trying to make people stop recording her as the Pastor was preaching and praying for her but they did not listen to her.

The moment the lady was begging the Pastor to leave her alone.

At a point, the pastor commanded her go down on her kneel. The lady initially hesitated but she later listened to the man of God. The pastor advised her that the reason why reasonable men are not approaching her is because of the kind of seductive dress she wears.

The man says that she is possessed by a ‘Marine spirit’. Everyone was wondering what the fuss was about. After pestering the lady for a while, she finally succumbed to what the Pastor wanted as she went on her knees. After she went on her knees, the pastor laid his hand on her and started rebuking the ‘Marine’ spirit that are troubling the lady. After praying for her, he gave her some money to go and get a better cloth and remove the one she was wearing.

The pastor finally made her to knee down as he started praying for her

This video generated lots of reactions on social media. People were saying that what the Pastor did was quite unfair. Some said if they were the lady, they would never give the pastor the opportunity to even talk to them at first.

A user @Mccharleneofficial says ‘Push him to the side or give him one hot slap, if he doesn’t want to move and keep it moving. Madness!’

Another user @Reggie_apex says ‘All these self ordained pastors. Nah, she, I would arrest you for assault’.

Another user said ‘This is big harassment, just give am hot slap’.

On the other hand, some people were heaping praises on the pastor for what he did.

@mikeike5508 says ‘Nice one pastor. If she remembers this encounter, she will always dress nice when going out.’

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