Video of JHS 1 Students Caught Doing and learning Themselves Leaks Online

SHS and JHS Students are shameless, and this is another prof as video of JHS1 students caught ki$$ing and nacking themselves makes way to the net. For reasons best known to these students, they know no shame and it beats the imagination of critical thinking individuals especially parents and guardians.

Back to the subject matter, a teen boy and a girl whom we believe are in Junior High School 1 (Ghanaian students) has been caught on camera ki$$ing and backing themselves while their teachers were on strike. Y’all know that teachers were on strike a few months back.

The weirdest aspect of their trending video is that they are doing the “ab0minable act” right inside their classroom in a broad daylight without any sense of fear or whatsoever.

We don’t want to conclude on anything but allow you to have a glimpse of the viral footage and draw your own conclusion in reference to what has come over this generation of students.




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