VIDEO: Leaked ‘At()pa’ Video Of A Manager and His Co-Worker Goes Viral

Have you ever had a crush at your workplace before? It’s a yes for a manager and a co-worker as the two get in all set in a leak video that has since gone viral.

It is very unusual with respect to what may provoke two developed grown-ups to participate in such a closeness yet a video got catches a manager of a filling station and one of his associates having intercourse in the workplace surfaces on the web.

In the video, the worker who was a woman was seen sitting on the laps of the supervisor and the couple kisses each other teasingly.

Thought the name of the two is unknown the rumors had it that the man in the video is a manager of a filling station in somewhere Abuja and the lady in question also happens to be a pump attendant in the same filling station.

Watch the video below:




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