VIDEO: "All Nigerians Abroad Should Be Sent Home, What Concerned Me With Visa" - Fela Son - Mc Ebisco
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VIDEO: “All Nigerians Abroad Should Be Sent Home, What Concerned Me With Visa” – Fela Son

Seun Kuti has lamented about the state of the country and said he did not have anything to do with Visa and all Nigerians abroad should be sent home for us to face our problem

Seun Anikulapo-Kuti, one of the sons of the popular Afro beat legend, Fela Kuti shared his opinion during an interview with Object TV.


The young man who is not ready to relocate abroad or fear any form of ban despite doing the majority of his business with foreign countries.

Seun said those who generalize Nigerians as criminal because some few Nigerians committed crime have problem.

According to him, thousands of foreigners are engaging in fraud in an Oil company in Nigeria, but our politicians will not talk because they have their percentage share from it.


He further claimed that America Government encourages criminality in Nigeria, narrated how Atiku who was indicted for fraud in a particular US report, and his Senator accomplice was jailed but during the preparing for election, same Atiku Abubakar was granted a crime suspension slot in America for 24 hours to have a meeting with some people. At what point did criminality becomes a thing of suspension for some hours? He asked.

“But they can release the list of some people that poverty has pushed into criminality, should we even start going into the reason why people commit crime?, If not the greed of the elites.

“What people want is dignity and voice, but when you put them in poverty, strip them of their voice and tell them they are poor, so they don’t have dignity and only money can give them dignity and other status symbols.

“The rich produce all these luxury, go to the poor neighbourhood and advertise them and oppress the poor, while the poor stays in that position without any legitimate hope of escaping.

“There is a large difference between a man who committed crime because of hunger and who is eating and still committing crime.

“Tell me why Senator are still stealing and people are finding billions on empty apartments in a country where there is no good school, hospital for the poor.

“Our problem is that we do not think like an Africans, we think first like foreigner, then like Nigerian before thinking like Africans”. He said.

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