VIDEO: What A Shame!!! A Roman Sister Was Caught By A Camera Being Ch0pped By A Ghetto Boy In A Bush

Today, some of our crew members from LtvGhana went round for some interviews and they brought to LtvGhana our notice that, a Roman sister who used to go round for an evangelism has been chopped or has been captured in a camera having $£.x with one ghetto boy whom she tried to evangelized him in a bush.

Per the news which we got from our crew members, this Roman sister has normally been going round for an evangelism in their neighborhood, it is something she does everyday.

so as she was passing by in a bush, she saw this ghetto boy holding his weed smoking, so she decided to go and talk to him if she could change him from smoking and totally from his sins.

According to them, the Roman sister went to sit beside the man talking to him but unfortunately to their surprise the ghetto boy gave the weed he was smoking to the Roman sister to taste and see how it is.

The Roman sister after tasting it felt heat around her chest so she was coughing and decided not to smoke again but the man refused and told her to smoke last one, after the Roman sister finished inhaling the smoke into her lungs, she felt dizzy and couldn’t control herself. So the ghetto guy got the opportunity to have $£.x with her.

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Watch the video below;




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