Video Shows Lady Refuse To Shake Her Teachers On Stage For Allegedly Making Her Senior Year Hell, Wows Many
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Video Shows Lady Refuse to Shake Her Teachers on Stage for Allegedly Making Her Senior Year Hell, Wows Many

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Video Shows Lady Refuse to Shake Her Teachers on Stage for Allegedly Making Her Senior Year Hell, Wows Many

A female graduand treated her teachers to an embarrassing surprise on stage during the school’s graduation ceremony

When she got on stage to receive her degree, the lady refused to give any of her teachers a handshake
Each of the teachers had shock written on their faces and appeared not to have expected the lady to do such a thing

There was a mild drama on stage during a school’s graduation ceremony, as a lady refused to shake any of her teachers.

The embarrassing moment was captured and shared on social media platform TikTok.

The short clip started with the lady in an academic gown walking on to the stage to receive her degree.
She claimed they made senior year hell

On the stage stood male and female teachers in a line as they would give handshakes to graduands before the last fellow on the line gives the scholar the degree.

The lady however passed all the teachers without giving a single person a handshake.

The first man on the line looked shock as the lady ignored his outstretched hand and did him and spread her five fingers in his face.

She then stood for photos with the last person on the line as she received her degree.

A caption on the video reads that the lady ignored the teachers because they made her senior year hell. Another write-up at the bottom left corner of the video suggests that the drama happened in 2022.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions trail the lady’s action

Maya said:

“I’m a research professor & I had many students only shake my hand not the other’s hand on stage best feeling ever.”

MainlandMentality said:

“I use to think the same way, then when you get thrown in to “real world” you then understand, they only ment the best.”

Yellow gurl said:

“The older generations work my nerves some of you are so entitled to “respect” but don’t give it back.”

JP189512 said:

“Older generations always seem to think they’re entitled to respect just cause they’re older, no you gotta earn it, like you always tell us.”

Young man in car mocks his old headmaster on a bike

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a young man in a car had laughed at his old headmaster on a bike.

The short clip shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram starts with the Nigerian man driving a car behind a motorcyclist who had a male passenger.

He then drove to be at par with the motorcyclist and identified him as his former school headmaster.

The young man could be heard mocking the passenger, saying in Yoruba language that the ex-headmaster was the teacher who said in the past they won’t make money without studying.

He kept calling out to the bike passenger by a nickname. The ex-headmaster ignored the young man’s call completely and kept his view in the opposing direction as if hiding his face.

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