Video: Traditionalists Display Charms On Anambra Highway To Wade Off Gunmen, Kidnappers

Video: Traditionalists display charms on Anambra highway to wade off gunmen, kidnappers

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Video: Traditionalists display charms on Anambra highway to wade off gunmen, kidnappers

Traditionalists in Okija town in the Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, displayed charms on the highway of the town to wade off the activities of gunmen and cultists in the area.

In a viral Facebook video, the traditionalists, men and women were seen in different wear, red and white, dragging their charms of various types on the road while they made incantations.

, stealing, killing, and all the cult activities in Okija today.”One of the traditionalists in a white long gown with a metal gong popularly known as “ogene” in Igbo language said that all the traditionalists of the Okija land should come together to say “enough is enough for crimes and abominations in Okija.”

“What is happening in Okija is that all the traditionalists in Okija came together to say that everything called crime and abomination must stop in Okija,” the traditionalist who did not mention his name said.

The leader of the traditionalists in dreadlock and red attire, identified by the videographer as Agbalanze Nwanifurude, said, “We cannot be in our land and live in fear. We did not hurt anyone. Anyone who wants to flex muscles should go to another place and do that.

“But it is not for us to live in fear in our own land; for them to oppress us; that is why we decided to use what we have to protect ourselves because that is how it has always been. We are saving ourselves with what we have. Let whoever wants to come against us come and die on the way.”

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