Video: Woman Dressed In Wedding Gown Takes To The Streets With A Placard In Search Of A Husband

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Residents of Buza, a community in Dar es Salaam in Ethiopia, were recently treated to a rare spectacle as a woman desperately seeking to become married took to the streets with a placard to search for a husband because age is no longer on her side.

The lady was shown in video footage going around the streets of the community with a placard indicating the type of man she is looking for.

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According to the inscriptions on the placard, the lady announced that she was looking for a husband aged between 20 and 70. She also noted that she is willing to pay the required dowry and that she had bought the wedding rings needed for the marriage ceremony.

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Seen spotting a wedding dress, the woman disclosed that she bought the gown for KSh142,000 (N531,000), adding that she is a Christian but is willing to convert to Islam as long as the man is respectful and God-fearing.

According to her, she is looking for a man that will love her. The lady said money won’t be a problem as she is quite rich.

She now plans on moving around different areas of the country in search of a husband.


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