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Viral Tape: Raging Wife Catches Cheating Husband With A Beauty.

Enraged wife walked into a restaurant and rained slaps and kicks to a man who was later confirmed to be his husband. The video footage of a raging wife who had caught her randy husband together with another girl went viral after it was posted on all major social media platforms.

Nowadays, the third party issue seems to be causing many marriages problems some even falling apart. In fact, a lot of videos and photos showing cheating men or women are already spreading online like a bushfire.

Recently, another unappreciative man was also caught by his wife together with another woman. The scandalous scene inside the establishment garnered various reactions from many social media users. In the video, it was clear that the angry wife was confronting her cheating husband who was allegedly having an affair with the lady. The raging woman expressed her fury towards her partner and the alleged girlfriend. “You are a very useless person. I regret having married you,” the woman shouted as she landed slaps to both.

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