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Viral Video: Watch Desmond Elliot As He Calls For Social Media Regulation In Nigeria.

Desmond Elliot,who was dragged on twitter by Nigerians for allegedly supporting an anti social media bill, had earlier took to Instagram to deny the allegations of being one of those pressing for an anti-social media bill to repress free speech.

Responding to the Lagos lawmaker’s denial of the allegations, Dr. Olufunmilayo a twitter influencer and medical doctor had asked him to release a footage of what he said concerning celebrities and influencers.

He also challenged Elliot to let the whole world see the video of what he said about social media regulation in Nigeria.


However, a video of the lawmaker representing Surulere constituency has finally leaked capturing him speaking about the need to do something about social media before it destroys Nigeria.

In the video he said, ” In the next 5 years ,there will be no Nigeria if we don’t act now”.

Click the link below to watch the video:

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