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Viral Video: Woman Twerks On ‘Boyfriend’s Coffin

A burial ceremony in Ecuador took a strange turn when a woman climbed the top of the coffin and started to twerk.

In footages from mobile phones, taken by onlookers on the streets, on can see the woman making sensual moves, as she danced to a reggae music which was blasting loudly.

At a point, the woman bent over to blow a kiss to the deceased whose coffin was the half-open.

Mourners watched this display in the middle of a road in the city of Manta, in the province of Manabí, Ecuador, and filmed with their phones.

A large crowd of men could also be seen cheering her on in high spirits.

The video was captioned: “If yo girl don’t do this at yo funeral is she really yo girl.”

El Universo reports the deceased to be 38-year-old Marlon Mero Quijije.

He died in a robbery attack in his neighbourhood in San Jose in Manta, after he was shot thrice at different parts of his body.

He was pronounced dead on getting to the hospital.

Prosecutors believed he was a victim of an apparent robbery and was attacked when he resisted.

Diego Bolaños, Chief of Operations of the Manta District Police, said they found six bullet holes in the area of the attack, of which three hit Marlon.

He added that Marlon had no criminal record.

Below is the twerk video:

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