Vladimir Putin Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine As He's Kept Waiting President ErdoganVladimir Putin Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine As He's Kept Waiting President Erdogan
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Vladimir Putin gets taste of his own medicine as he’s kept waiting President Erdogan

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Vladimir Putin gets taste of his own medicine as he’s kept waiting President Erdogan

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave Vladimir Putin a taste of his own medicine by keeping him waiting ahead of their meeting.

The ploy is routinely used by the Russian warmonger when meeting Western leaders.

The 48-second snub by Erdoğan – the only NATO leader Putin has met recently – was quickly seized on by Ukrainians .

Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko posted on Telegram: “Erdogan made Putin wait during the meeting in Tehran.

“The whole spectrum of emotions of the humiliated and insulted Führer is on his face.

“The bunker is indeed the best place to stay with such a face.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan left Russian despot Vladimir Putin waiting for 48 seconds at a diplomatic meet yesterday

Ukrainian news agency UNIAN commented: “The dwarf doesn’t like to be disrespected.”

It is not the first time Erdoğan has made Putin wait, said commentators.

In the footage, Putin shuffles his feet and is left chewing the cud until Erdoğan arrives.

Putin used his meetings in Tehran to cement an anti-western coalition securing a £33 billion deal to develop gas and oil in Iran.

The Kremlin leader was seen on a video mocking the West for seeking alternatives to Russian gas and oil in protest at his war in Ukraine .

A Ukrainian official said Putin was left “humiliated” by the snub “The [West] are big specialists in non-traditional relationships,” he told reporters, alluding to his hostility to LGBT rights.

“So in the energy area they also decided to bet on unconventional types of energy – the sun, and wind…” But, he said, “the winter turned out to be long.

“There was no wind – this is it.”

Putin cemented a £33billion Iranian gas and oil deal during his visit to Tehran He spoke amid fears he will use energy supplies as a weapon of war this winter to play havoc with Western economies.

“These sanctions cause damage to the West [itself] and such problems as price hikes on oil as well as the food crisis emerge as a result,” he told Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The fact that our partners are pinning the blame or trying to pin the blame for their own mistakes on Russia , on Gazprom, is absolutely groundless.”

Putin joked that the energy crisis was caused by Western countries choosing ‘unconventional’ types of energy Yesterday, a body language expert told The Mirror Putin was “clumsy” as he hobbled down the stairs of his jet, with a rigid and stiff arm when he arrived in Iran on Tuesday.

Putin appears unsteady on his feet and his appearance could further rumours about his ill health, with the warmonger rumoured to have Parkinsons or terminal cancer.

“The man who arrives behind him seems to have no trouble using the steps facing front but Putin turns sideways and takes the last one clumsily,” body language expert Judi James told The Mirror.

“This could be down to height or even age but he appears to be making heavy duty of it”, she added.

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