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VP Osinbajo Hits Nnamdi Kanu And Sunday Igboho As He Profer Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has announced that the only means Nigeria can survive its current challenges is when Nigerians unite as one people and nation. He said agitators should sheath their sold and preach one Nigeria.

Osinbajo announced citizens in the country and in the outside the country should endorse the statement of one country, noting that ” anyone who looks at how Nigeria performs will comprehend that we are better off in this procedure of one United Nigeria, and that is the fact”

The Vice President asserted this on Saturday during an interview session with leading officials of Nigeria’ s High Commission in the United Kingdom, held at the Abuja House home of the High Commissioner in London.


According to the VP, ” the Yorubas, Igbos and Hausas will be better on their own if left to form their separate countries. We are better in one United Nigeria”

Still talking about unity of Nigeria, the VP said that everyone or every country in the world today are coming together to form a united force and no country is breaking up.

” If you study the economics of minor countries, they are seeking for ways of how they can become strong by joining with other countries. How does a nation with all the capacities and everything that we have, believe that the best way is to divide? ”


Talking further, the VP explained that ” Nigeria is in a point of economic, security and other social challenges, Saying it is still Nigerians that can solve all the problems facing it. The VP revealed that it is the current government that will take care of the problems facing the nation and that he believes that the current administration has all the capacity to take care of it.



Osinbajo revealed that: ” the President is perhaps the most prominent Nigerian politician that we have ever had in ages. He is probably the only person who can go into an area or someplace without commanding people to assemble and they will arrive and hear to him talk.

” We need that degree of credibility to be able to unravel difficulties in our nation. And I think because of his degree of credibility, despite the fact of everything that is happening, he is still the only one that can order everyone, and even people who do not certainly agree with him understand that he is a man of his words. “


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