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WAHALA IN THE AIR: Sunday Igboho Revealed Who Should Be The President Of “Odua Republic” After Separation From Nigeria

In a video that is currently circulating, Sunday Igboho said he wants Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be their president when it comes to the Yoruba nation.

From what he said in his last live broadcast on facebook, Igboho sent a strong message to those who criticized Tinubu and asked them to stop, making it clear that many Yoruba leaders would still support the Oduduwa tribe. He also said he wanted Tinubu to be president when the Yoruba people arrived, adding that he should not collect a presidential ticket from anyone.


In his words;

” Those who criticize Father Tinubu in their videos should stop, those who will support us will still support us. We want the Yoruba nation and Baba (Tinubu) will return to be our number one citizen. He will get his presidential access in Yoruba. The nation and not elsewhere. “

What is Tinubu offence to you. Jagaban has played his part for the Yorubas in the past during the NADECO struggles with the military junta and was a strong pillar for the actualisation of MKO’ S June 12 mandate, even when people like Obasanjo and Jakande, etc chickened out. If we continue to look for angels, or perfect human beings, we will never get it.


if Sunday Igboho has really said this, then he has really disappointed us. this is one of the people that has finished Nigerian. how can he say he is now the best president for yoruba nation? we thought God is using him to deliver us from the evil ones. i am very sad to hear this.

Let’ s just say He is being reasonable, don’ t blame him that much, it is probably because he wants Tinubu to abandon Nigeria’ s politics and bad government and focus on a signature new Yoruba nation as a president to be.

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