Wahala! ! As Babangana Exposed The Shocking Truth About Nigeria’s Unity; See The Shock


Babagana Kingibe, former Federal Government secretary, opined that Nigeria’ s unity is negotiable. King Gibe, Nigeria’ s ambassador to Chad and the Lake Chad Basin, said the country’ s unity could be negotiated whenever the party felt they wanted to opt out. He made a speech during an event in Lagos over the weekend. However, Kingibe points out that when either party tries to opt out of a union, He/she must consider the pros and cons before making a final decision.


According to Kingibe: ” I was born in Nigeria. I was also raised in Nigeria, I believe in Nigeria, People of my generation believe in Nigeria. We have no doubt that we have no choice but to Nigeria. ” However, I think some of my colleagues feel that Nigeria’ s unity is non- negotiable. Of course it can be negotiated. Even family unity is negotiable. Even the constitution of the husband and wife is negotiable, while either side felt that this union could no longer bear it.


He or she will go his/her way. You help them sit down and consider their condition after carefully and rationally examining the pros and cons of marriage so that they can make the most appropriate decision. ” He noted that those who wish to withdraw must also consider the implications.


” Are you sure where you are going? Are you sure about the consequences of where you are going? Do you really feel the grass on the other side is greener? If you do, sit with your partner in respect, mutual respect, loving where possible, but not holding a grudge against your husband or wife because you will forever be his ex. that person.

But let’ s discuss it gently so that even if you break up in the future, you can still stick together with love and respect. ” he added.


Recently, agitators such as Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho have called for the disintegration of Nigeria. While Kanu appealed to Biafra, Igboho provoked the Oduduwa Republic. However, both Kanu and Igboho are being held by security agents in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin respectively.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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